The project consists of a two-story private residence.  The building features large glazed opening along the building facade.  The total area for the project is approximately 4,400 square feet of interior air-conditioned space.  The sub-structure will comprise a combination of piles, pile caps and grade beams.  The ground floor will comprise a reinforced concrete structural slab.  Upon engagement as Engineer-of-Record, we will liaise with the building department and/or a geotechnical engineer to substantiate the most appropriate and cost effective foundation system for the project.  The lateral system comprising reinforced concrete shear walls.  We will strategically use walls on the perimeter or on the interior for lateral support while being mindful of the architectural intent.  The gravity system will consist of reinforced concrete columns or steel columns, depending on the aesthetics required, and load bearing masonry walls supporting conventionally reinforced concrete flat slabs.  We anticipate the use of the conventionally reinforced concrete slabs.